Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Webbed Up

The official Richard Laurence Baron Web site is in operation. Test-drive it today. Click the tires. Slam the doors.

I am particularly grateful to Paul Leigh, designer and art director, for making the site possible. And to my clients, whose work is an important part of the site’s show-and-tell.

Like most effective marketing communications, the Web site sends a signal about my professional capabilities. That’s why I use the “semaphore guys” as my logo: my work is all about sending the right signals, on behalf of my clients. (No, the semaphore guys are not intentionally designed to look like me, though I admit of a resemblance in retrospect.)

The early bird catches the worm – the freelancer takes a little longer. But it’s here, now. So drop by for a visit.


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Susan Kirkland said...

I see Paul Leigh is a designer and art director. That's nice. I bet he used to be a graphics guy.