Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hungary Bottle

Here's further communication about Budapest, this time from Robert Ware, former managing director of Ware, Anthony, Rust, Dialogue International’s British member.

First, his thank-you note to meeting attendees: “Good morning Dialoguers and particularly Peter. (This would be Peter Sari, MD of GreenLight, the Hungarian host agency.) It was a great pleasure to renew old friendships and make new ones in Budapest. Many thanks to Peter and his team for introducing us to his beautiful city – one that I will certainly be coming back to – and for all the hard work to make the meeting a success.

“Thank you also for the very sweet gift to mark my retirement. Rather than drinking the wine, I will have to keep the signed bottle as a memento of the special times I have enjoyed with the Dialogue family.

“Please do keep fighting for international business – using the findings from the Rotterdam session to guide you. Business opportunities will happen. And please do commit yourselves to supporting WAR's efforts on the new web site. It is such an important 'shop window' for Dialogue.”

Then, a note to me: “I had already read your web log with Peter’s comments – though the photo actually shows me and not Peter (oops – see below). Budapest was delightful, especially at night when the fantastic lighting made the old parts, Heroes Square and the Danube, look particularly enchanting.

“Our meeting was interesting as usual and made the more so because of the increased blend of different nationalities present. It is always so humbling to find these people who can speak brilliant English and yet all I can do is some simple schoolboy French with a smattering of Latin (although, of course, I can order wine or beer in most languages!). Keep up the good blogging.”

For a better look at Robert, see his wedding photo in the 14 September post. Hungary for more about the Dialogue meeting in Budapest? Keep watching this site.

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