Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Important, Concise…Best of All, New Oil & Gas Bumper Sticker is Yours for Zip.

Winter NAPE begins today in Houston – a conference at which millions of dollars’ worth of oil and gas deals are going to be made. Maybe more than that. Maybe billions. Life in “the bidness” keeps on being exciting.

So today, just in time for NAPE, this spiffy bumper-decorator is formally available. Revisiting an idea portrayed here in December, it seems too…adventurous…to leave behind.

This official “God Loves Hydrocarbons” bumper sticker has your name on it (in a figurative sense.) Thanks to major design help by Ken Bullock of Bullock Studios, it looks significantly better than December’s rough version. Now a strong black on provocative yellow, the thought-sticker is flexible, long-lasting – and sure to generate countless discussions in what I am certain will be a civil manner.

It’s even free, as the headline notes. Send me a note, I’ll try to get you one by mail. Perhaps I can collect a stamp or two from you later.

Or just ask for one when you see me. I’m happy to share.


Becci said...

Good looking bumper sticker! It can also double as a reflective safety sticker for my bumper. Yeah?

Mary Jo Martin said...

I'll wait till someone says something negative to post a REAL comment.

Susan Reeves said...

I'm sending a note. But no stamp. Awesome way to promote our businesses.

Brian Bearden said...

Since God made the material that decomposes to provide an abundance of carbon and hydrogen, then I would say God Loves Hydrocarbons.

Mary Jo Martin said...

Gee whiz - no controversy?

Anonymous said...

Cool idea...only us oil & gas Texas would like know metropolitian folks don't like the "G" word...LOL!!!!