Thursday, April 27, 2006

Coffee Dog

When you’re driving to and from Austin on State Highway 71 (the one that runs up to the PDRA* from I-10 west of Columbus), do you miss Starbucks? I do. It’s a poorly disguised fact that I get nervous when I’m more than three miles from a Starbucks or some other high-quality java-source.

I use the term “miss” here in two ways. One is the sense of lacking something – like the boldest, heaviest battery-acid jamoke I can put in my travel mug.

The other is, like, maybe there is a Starbucks between West Katy and the eastern edge of Austin, but I haven’t noticed/found/run across one.

Now there’s an answer: Coffee Dog. I found it yesterday on my way up to Austin for a meeting. But you have to look sharp or you’ll miss it like I almost did. Its official address: 1421 Highway 71 West, Suite 100, Bastrop 78602 if you want to Mapquest it. Seven miles west of Bastrop, in the American Business Park strip center. Telephone: 512.303.2244.

Guy Roush has opened a very nice café here. The joe’s terrific and even if you like yours in one of Starbucks’ infinite variations, the lovely Coffee Dog people can deliver it. Along with assorted pastries. A nice place to sit down. And WiFi. Out there on the far west edge of Bastrop.

No website yet, but when they get one up, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, keep an eye peeled on the north side of the road for the American Business Park (see the photo) and give it a try.

Coffee Dog got me those last 25 miles to Austin, for sure.

PS: The nice people even gave me a nifty Coffee DogTM “Frequent Slurper Card.” The 10th cup be free, oh yes.

*People’s Democratic Republic of Austin. Photograph courtesy of LoopNet.

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Paul said...

I agree. The best Bastrop to Austin java oasis. I hit em every morning just about and wi-fi my work there before heading in to Austin.