Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gdansk One

Hard on the heels of the new Dialogue International website, Graham Rust, Chairman of Rust 2 in Prague, sent several dozen photos of the Gdansk Managers’ Meeting. Some of his accompanying notes:

Our meeting in Gdansk was an enjoyable success, thanks to old and new friends, and the great hospitality of [MediaFocus’s] Tomasz Zdybel and Grzegorz Inglot.

In just 36 hours, we ranged across Word of Mouth advertising... political advertising... Dialogue’s healthy financial internet and extranet. We saw the remarkably reconstructed Old Town of Gdansk, which had been bombed flat during WW2... we visited the shipyard where Lech Walesa led the Solidarity union through strikes which started Soviet dominos falling all over eastern Europe... we drank
Goldwasser, a unique Gdansk liqueur which contains real 24-carat gold... and learned of the reputation of each of our nations with the Polish people (based loosely on how often we had invaded them!).

Attached are a few megs of pictures. On Day Two I screwed up, my camera was set on night vision, so it did not really captured the beauty of the Old Town of Gdansk. Alison Meadows will arrange for WAR to post some pictures on the website. And, who knows, some might find their way into the blogosphere...

Above are three from Graham’s collection. Top to bottom: Part of the Old Town (with the famous Lighthouse, circa 1903, behind to the left); the meeting’s hotel; and some of the usual suspects walking down the hotel drive.

As for news, it appears as though Dialogue International has added three new members, from Portugal, Spain and Turkey. Welcome to Dialogue. I’ll introduce them to you in the next post.

Separately, Graham referred to me, Robert Ware and Frits Slootweg as Distinguished Friends. It’s nice to be remembered. Thank you from the blogosphere, Graham, for the pix and the compliment.

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