Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mary’s 150

One of the few thousand headed for Austin via the BP MS 150 – that century-and-a-half bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis, will be Mary Paulette, AIG American General Marketing Communications and basic good chum. Mary’s been sending regular training reports and this is her most recent:

Last week was a windy, warm ride in the hill country of Texas. Bluebonnets were in full bloom and not only were there lots of bikers participating in various rides, but there were lots of cars out to see the bluebonnets! We opted for the 44-mile ride because of the 30-mph winds. It was so gusty that I was afraid of losing control of my bike on several occasions! :(

But I made it. Attached are two photos, one of me at a rest stop on the shore of Lake Summerville and another of the bluebonnets that lined all along the road. This Saturday (yesterday, 8 April) is the LAST official MS 150 training ride for me. Again going out west from Houston near Brookshire, there will not be as many rolling hills as past rides and hopefully we get more moderate winds!

Only two weeks left ‘til the ride: 22 April. Just one week to get in all her pledges prior to the ride. Thanks to each of you who have already sent money and have pledged it.

Mary’s effort is human-powered. Finding a cure for MS takes cash. So if you haven't taken the time to pledge, now is a good time…and for a good cause. I have attached a link for your convenient, on-line donation. Go, Mary, go!

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