Friday, April 28, 2006

Creative Process

Creativity is one thing. The process of creation, the experience, is something else.

OTC starts this Monday. When this 37th Offshore Technology Conference opens, more than 50,000 visitors will be going to Reliant Center for the world’s largest oilfield exhibition. If you are one of them, stop by the Mustang Engineering booth (#1305). Say hello to some outstanding people. And see a new video presentation called “The MUSTANG Experience” for yourself.

To say I helped create this 12-minute video is true. To say that it encompassed one of my most rewarding processes of creation is also true and a sizeable understatement.

No “creative” can take seven weeks of planning, videotaping and editing for granted. The team effort that has brought this video to the screen in an efficient, timely way is virtually unique in my worklife (which covers quite a few years).

Most of the credit goes to the Mustangers themselves: Allison Miller, Brian Hadley, Carmen Loera, Christine Beck, David Williams, Dee Medina, Dena Lee, Heather Broeder, Mark Payton, Mike Weatherwax, Paul Post, Richard Livingston, Sharon Paul and Tina Kutach – and these are just the Mustang participants whose names I can recall. At least a dozen more deserve mentions as well.

In Locke Bryan Productions, we had a way-better-than-just-good production house. Director-Producer Mike Patterson and his crew (on location and at the studio) accomplished a superlative job. They’ve delivered a story that fits Mustang Engineering to a T. Editing, music, graphics...this group’s calmness, consideration and talent contributed massively to my “MUSTANG Experience.”

I won’t tell you what’s in this 12-minute show.

I will tell you that the visual above is a title slide that doesn’t really reflect the thoughtfulness and the real-life feelings of the Mustangers on-screen. You’ll have to see it for yourself. Or ask me to show you my copy when OTC is over.

Thank you, everyone, for a great experience. See you at Reliant Center.

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