Friday, December 16, 2005

Finally, Photos

Some of the city’s outstanding photographers showed up at the surprise birthday party for Rosario Laudicina (see the November 20th post). Arthur Meyerson and Nash Baker to name two.

Despite the occasion, the evening’s entire photographic armament consisted of just two Fuji disposables, the photographs from which have been delivered by Bill Large. Unlike Signalwriter, the take was thin. I did want to show a pair of pix to prove that a party actually happened – mostly because of Kelly Melone, on the left, the capo di tutti capi for the event, elegant hostess, and all-time chef migliore.

The photograph on the right shows Rosario received the tributes appropriate to his birthday, with Jo Babic and Belinda Large to his left. Next time Rosario has a 60th birthday, I think we should insist on a little more talent behind the lens, or add Photoshop to my own skill set (which is not likely to happen this century). Great people/party/food/drink.

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