Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mirus Campaign

A colleague just back from a year-and-a-half’s stint overseas just wrote me about the joys of networking. In part, today’s post is about networking. I was referred to Mirus, a software company, by yet another colleague. The referral was a stroke of good fortune: I gained a client and a working relationship that's making a visible difference.

Redefining a company for more effective marketing is one of the most rewarding activities I undertake. Consulting with the company’s principals, sharpening their thinking about the company’s service as it has developed into a specific, niche-oriented business over the past several year, have allowed them to be much more focused when they go to market. And led me to be an even better practitioner.

The work is beginning to show up now in trade shows throughout the US and in advertising. And that leads back to networking. When the time came to turn our mutual thinking and writing into visible materials, I referred my client in turn to 20/20 Exhibits. Artistic credit for the new work goes to Quentin Bourgeois, one of 20/20’s graphic designers, for turning our messages into vivid, arresting trade show panels like the one on the right.

It’s a nice day to say “Thank You” to everyone involved in the new campaign - and especially the client, without whom none of the above would have happened. (In itself, an interesting and overlooked fact of our business.) Happy Saturday.

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