Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Propertied Portfolio

For three decades, I worked in them. Office buildings. Some were high (though not as you might say “skyscrapers”). Some were low. Some attractive, some not so much.

I’ve stayed in hotels – I’ve done that. Multi-star, big-name hotels here and abroad. Discrete art hotels. Tiny, off-the-main-drag hotels, like the one in Paris with a shower stall so compact that I had to turn off the water and get out of it to retrieve the soap I dropped.

Despite all the time I’ve spent in advertising, though, I never had commercial properties or hotels as clients. Architectural and building products, yes indeed. The buildings themselves, no.

Until this year. I’ve added a new category to my portfolio, thanks to relationships as near by as Katy and as far away as Russia. With the help and cooperation of some very talented people, my sample case is a little richer with TV commercials, brochures, and ads.

One on the newest (left) is an ad for Laguna Bay Condominiums on South Padre Island. Others have been for classic restored properties like the five-star Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel in St. Petersburg: quite a place, which I hope to visit sometime soon.

Commercial property people and hoteliers have internalized a wealth of knowledge and understanding. You may not think it’s rocket science…but it is specialized and based on years of experience. I’m looking forward to learning more about all of it.

I also look forward to trying more of those hotels I mentioned. Even the one in London that had common bathrooms for each floor rather than one per room. (That’s another story; Roger Edmondson will be glad to tell you about it.) Meanwhile, happy Wednesday.

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Susan Kirkland said...

Commercial real estate can be fun if it's a boom market. It gets a little too cuthroat for my taste when the economy is soft. My commercial real estate clients gave me an excellent concept quite by accident once which I applied to my asbestos removal consultants campaign. Lizard-like agents with new builds were approaching big (20-yr lease) clients with this line, "Oh, we can get you out of any lease with the hazardous environment clause." And they could, unless, of course, you hired my asbestos people to handle the problem quietly. All it took to motivate clients was a headline (That's your tenant list on his desk) a quote of the line and a nightime shot of a guy sitting at his skyscraper desk calling all your tenants. (snicker, snicker) It got a big response.