Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Professionally Speaking

There are times when every professional organization reaches out for additional advice and assistance – especially outside its own area of competence. So yesterday, at San Antonio’s famous Menger Hotel, Mary Jo Martin addressed members of the Brain Injury Association of America – the BIAA. This organization’s members, private practices all over the US, are dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of cognitive brain injuries.

(You may recall Mary Jo and I co-authored a white paper, "Why Does Research Cost So Much?" several months ago; see the October 17th post. On the other hand, who remembers back that far?)

As principal of Knowledge-Based Marketing LLC, Mary Jo was invited to present two sessions about marketing at the BIAA’s Brain Injury Business Practice College, to advance members’ knowledge of marketing basics and encourage them to share marketing experiences and “best practices.”

The Practice College offered distinct session tracks for CEOs, CFOs, and Sales/Marketing professionals, with topics as diverse as crisis management strategies, referral management, sales personnel’s compensation…and marketing.

Mary Jo made two very successful hour-long presentations to over 50% of the attendees, including CFOs and CEOs - some representing practices with up to 300 beds. She told me in a telephone call yesterday afternoon, “Even though these practices are so utterly different than most business-to-business firms, the elements of gathering and using information to measure their marketing is just as important – and just as learnable.”

If you’d like a free copy of Mary Jo’s presentation, “Core Marketing Concepts – a 60-Minute Crash Course,” e-mail her at maryjom@kbasedmkt.com. She’ll be glad to share it with you.

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