Friday, February 24, 2006

Early Georgia

Vote. Vote. Vote. You know I believe in the American political process. The primary is slated for March 7. Early voting has already begun throughout Harris County. (Click here for early voting locations.)

Georgia Akers, my candidate for Probate Court No. 4 judge, is at the end of the ballot. What happens when you get down there? You don’t know anybody.

You already know about Georgia. (I first posted about her candidacy last month: go to the Archives, right, and look at Monday, January 23.) She is running against the incumbent, William McCulloch. I think she’ll make a far better Probate Court judge. So when you get down among the judges, I urge you to click on Georgia’s name.

Several of you asked if she’d blog about the process. Next best thing: her latest e-mail, below.

Dear Friends: I just wanted to report in on my race for Probate Court No. 4. It continues to go very well and gain momentum. I have had some very gracious and wonderful good Republicans take an interest in this race and contribute to my campaign. This has allowed me to purchase radio time, so listen to 950 AM for my ads.

If you go to my web site,, you can see some wonderful endorsements from individuals and organizations. The latest: The Houston Realty Breakfast Club, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Texas and P.O.L.I.C.E. Inc. (Peace Officers Looking Into Courtroom Excellence).

I have so many good volunteers that are helping me. The response has been overwhelming and I feel blessed. This is truly a grass roots effort. Thank you.

We are now down to the final stretch. I met with my political consultant last Friday. Up until now he has always commented, “Now Georgia, this is an uphill battle.” Last week he said, “Georgia, your race is so close no one can call it.”

What that means is whoever gets the voters out will win. There is no Democrat in the general election, so the race is over on March 7.

PLEASE e-mail, phone, send letters to everyone you can to vote in the Republican primary. If you need push cards, please email me. If you can work a polling place on March 7, please e-mail me and let me know which one.

If you can work early voting, let me know. Anytime, any place, would be fine. We have workers this weekend at Ponderosa, Barbara Bush, Tracey Gee, Bayland, Bear Creek, West Gray and Pech.
(I’ll will be at this one.)

I know if you can come for a little while it would be great. Anything you can do would be very much appreciated. We are so close to victory – I just need a little more help.

The one government branch that voters come into contact with are the courts: sometimes as a juror, sometimes as a victim/witness and sometimes in probate court due to death or incapacity. It is so important to have a person that is knowledgeable of the law and truly cares about the people appearing in probate court. It is a difficult time for families. I am that person.

I promise I will not let you down as your judge. Thank all of you and God Bless. Georgia.

That's today's refrain: Vote. Vote. Vote. (And if you please, vote for Georgia Akers.) See you at the polls.

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Richard Laurence Baron said...

Saturday morning, I managed about an hour and a half standing in front of the Harris County Annex on Pech, before the rain became a little too much and drove me off.

Pech is under construction - they're finally widening the road - so it was very hard to work, with the rain, the wind, the construction crews and the mud...but I did get to talk to half a dozen people. Four came out afterwards and said they'd voted for Georgia. Given the low turnout today, perhaps that's a good thing. Maybe tomorrow or Monday will be better.

Here's what it proved to me: even the smallest interaction with people at a polling place can have rewarding results. Ten days to the primary gives us supporters a little time to influence a few people.