Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hasty Podding

New information about the RADIOLOUNGE podcasts featuring moi.

Bruce Abbott sent me the following note: Someone visiting the blog link I gave you technically can download and listen to the audio, but it is not set up truly as a podcast. (i.e. being able to “subscribe” in such software as iTunes, iPodder, etc., to pull the latest audio automatically into one’s iPod).

“I’m finding out there is a big difference between RSS feeds with blogs (i.e. text readers) and RSS feeds with audio (i.e. iTunes, etc.) I did not realize this. We are working right now to make sure that everything works the way it is supposed to. I have adjusted the RSS code and so far tested with iTunes and it works.”

Well, it’s fixed. Now you can subscribe to the RADIOLOUNGE RSS feed to download podcasts and hear great interviews with some of the advertising industry’s brightest minds (like, again, moi); Wacky World of Marketing; and creative radio commercials. Visit any RSS reader/player such as
iTunes, iPodder or Bloglines. When asked to subscribe to a feed, paste this code:


Then enjoy!

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