Thursday, February 23, 2006

Payne Shot

In a post back at the end of the Year 5, I showed you a new ad created for Deepwater Specialists, Inc. I forgot to mention the photographer that created the watch that’s featured in the new DSI ad. (Losing…mind…must eat…more fish.)

Tom Payne took that photo. From his point of view, “There is no big story here. Finding the right watch was the most difficult part. Then it was mostly tedious Photoshop work.” Easy for him to say. Much harder to accomplish…even taking a picture of a watch. It’s the photo that makes the ad…makes it stand out from the wallpaper. What is seemingly simple is what makes the concept work: quality of image.

I suggest again (see Sunday, 5 February, below) that there’s a big difference between a sales guy with a digital camera and a professional photographer. Tom is one. He’s been shooting for years and most of you have seen his work for a wide variety of clients, especially in this area. Some of his oilpatch images are iconic.

More of his photographs are here. You can also see how easy it is to get in touch with him. Join my modest campaign to return to a higher standard of industry photography by looking at his work.

Photo © Tom Payne. Client: Nobel Drilling/Savage Design

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Susan Reeves said...

Love the image on Tom's homepage. Such nice texture and color. Tells a good story too.