Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine Prizes

For Valentine’s Day, Prism Design is a multiple winner. Principal Susan Reeves set an internal challenge, asking her “Prismatics” to create a package reflecting the Valentine’s theme, “Do You Have Heart?”

The contestants were asked to create a package design using a blank container and heart provided. No other rules. The contestants’ entries were to be submitted one week later for judging. Six Prismatics accepted the challenge. (Not all were designers.)

The competitors included: Terry Teutsch, Rhonda Stegent, Stacy Allen, Miss Anne Stovall, Susan Reeves and Paul Leigh. Celebrity judge Becky Chaffin of Olmsted-Kirk Paper Company awarded the win to Miss Anne’s entry (above). Congratulations!

Then all the decorated boxes were filled with chockies and shared with a group of Prism’s clients on Valentine’s Day. E-mail to get a look at all the entries.

Win #2: Mary Teutsch, Terry’s wife, gave birth to a beautiful girl – on Valentine’s Day. So the Prismatics not only gave, they received. Double congratulations to Mary and Terry. Photos to follow.


Susan Reeves said...

Richard, Your words add so much flavor to our designer packages. Wanna job?

You're hired.
Susan Reeves

missanne said...

Thank you for the acclaim. It's fun creating something and getting instant feedback.

miss prismatic