Monday, February 13, 2006

Snowpologies, Paul

The creator of Mister William, Paul Leigh, telephoned me Saturday morning, just before he got on a plane to go to New York City to attend Toy Fair. He was looking forward to the trip, but a trifle worried about the possibility of snow in the city.

While we talked, I pulled up the Weather Channel and looked at the forecast. I noted that a modest snowfall was predicted: four to six inches on Saturday night and on Sunday. I said, “Bundle up warmly.”

I said, “New York City is used to these snow amounts. You won’t have any problem getting around.”

He was concerned about cabs. I said, “No worries, mate. Cabbies know how to get around in this kind of snow. You won’t have any difficulties.”

Man proposes – God disposes. I woke up this morning to see the Houston Chronicle’s sidebar story head: STORM BURIES EAST COAST. Besides which, the snowfall in NYC has broken a record, with 26.9 inches being recorded in Central Park. You can see photos of the City in the storm here. Whooaa! Looks pretty rugged.

Paul: I apologize.

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Richard Laurence Baron said...

Paul telephoned several hours after the post and said "snowpologies" were necessary. He said that as far as the New Yorkers were concerned, it was just another snowy weekend and people were getting around just fine by Sunday afternoon. He's having a terrific time.