Thursday, September 22, 2005

Catching Up

While the day heats up, Barbara and I are taking a break from packing the garage. Thanks to everyone who has sent notes. I'll try to answer them.

Maureen asked why we decided to stay here in Houston. There are several reasons. First, the evacuation routes started clogging up very quickly - as early as yesterday (Wednesday) mid-day. The routes are even more congested now. Click - it's our metropolitan traffic control center. Once you find it, you can access the various traffic cameras. Look for the views on I-10 West, I-45 North, and Highway 290...nobody is going anywhere very fast. Second, we discussed evacuation and could not help feeling that there was greater security in the known than the unknown: home versus being on the road, etc. These reasons may not satisfy readers outside the area but they work for us.

Susan in North Carolina wrote that another, mutual friend of ours here in Houston calls it simply "kite weather."

Charles in Toronto made an outstanding point about the extraordinary air pressure being exhibited by Hurricane Rita. "It will be a monster," he says. Unless the City of Houston issues a "Mandatory" evacuation for the entire urban area, though, we'll stay in town. We're grateful for your wishes and prayers, Charles.

Lynn and Greg in Minnesota suggested we leave early for the forthcoming wedding in Lake City - like RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Perhaps they have been talking with Charles.

Donna sent a large number of incredibly valuable tips - many, many thanks for these. And finally, Jean, another Canadian, suggested an addition to the MOOJITA Scale: M6 Tornado - Ground Beef!

Thank you all for your continuing messages. Barbara and I are going to extend our break by watching a video...I think she picked "Twister."

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