Thursday, September 22, 2005

Our Block

While Barbara finishes up a "final" shopping list, I have canvassed the neighbors on our block. Some are leaving, or have left already. Half us of - six or seven families - are staying, and will watch the neighborhood carefully. Our biggest challenge is policing the area for UFO materials. Some evacuees haven’t been as careful as others. We have a very stable neighborhood, and most of us know one another. Cellular service, or the lack of it, is the most-remarked failure so far.

This afternoon, after putting our own planters, water bottles, and deck chairs away, I’ll round up a couple of guys and try to stuff trash cans, etc., in safer places. Across Kempwood, there’s a yet-undeveloped pasture whose owner keeps longhorn cattle. So finding the information below, on, is appropriate for this entry. Simply replace the word “tornado” with the word “hurricane.”

Everybody knows about the
Fujita Scale which measures the power of tornadoes. But nobody really knows what all those types of twisters do to COWS. So here is the MOOJITA Scale...
M0 Tornado - Cows in an open field are spun around parallel to the wind flow and become mildly annoyed.
M1 Tornado - Cows are tipped over and can't get up.
M2 Tornado - Cows begin rolling with the wind.
M3 Tornado - Cows tumble and bounce.
M4 Tornado - Cows are airborne.
M5 Tornado – STEAK!

Saturday evening may be Steak Night in Spring Branch. Good luck to those driving out. Good luck to those staying behind.

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Rachel said...

Why not leave? You can buy steak at the store, heck, I'll but you a steak.

Be safe. I love you.
your dot.