Saturday, September 24, 2005

Windy City

Good morning from Spring Branch, Texas. Unlike other "Stormwatchers" bloggers, I'm behind-hand, since the Time-Warner cable access was out for several hours. I have been consoling myself with fresh coffee and the Mary Janes that Barbara baked last night - she was inspired by all the cookie-making going on yesterday, as reported by the other bloggers.

The winds are blowing here in the west - just as they are all over the city. But it appears from my windows as though damage has been confined to the smaller variety of branches, leaves, etc. "Hurricane Chimes" never stirred. Varying amounts of damage have been reported throughout East Texas, from Beaumont and Galveston up through Livingston. Houston has emerged relatively unscathed.

Seeing other bloggers' photos is a hoot...I am not so equipped electronically. I feel like the Houston Chronicle comic strip character Crankshaft: looking for a shutter camera when the rest of humanity has gone digital.

To all of you who have e-mailed - from the UK to Italy, Canada to Brazil, even as far away as Kansas City and Minneapolis, thanks for the notes of encouragement and prayers.

Wait! What's that? I hear the Mary Janes calling out to me. Well, since I won't be going out quite yet, I suppose I can squeeze in one more. Kudos to our City and County teams for the superb work. And for those of you who evacuated the area, I'll say what some of the politicians have gingerly avoided: do NOT try to come back to Houston or Friendswood or any other place in the Houston DMA. The winds still blow. The rains still fall. Leave the roads clear for emergency vehicles. All the best 'til later.

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