Thursday, September 22, 2005

We're Staying

Good morning. We're staying, and will continue our preparations for the coming storm. This will include pickup and storage for everything in the front and back yards – no UFOs. Then I'll visit the neighbors - see who's staying and who's not. While electricity and cellular services continue, I'll keep posting. Thank you for your e-notes of caution and care.

I am also participating in an experiment by the Houston Chronicle in "citizen journalism." Go to, the newspaper's blog site, to follow what's happening. More anon.


Curt said...

I'm in Toronto, Canada but I've been to Houston 19 times. I see lots of damage forecasted with Galveston and nearby coastal areas. But, how much damage are the experts forecasting for the western half of Houston? Do they expect as much damage as seen in New Orleans??

Maureen/IL said...


Just wondering why you've decided to stay. Would love to hear more about that.

God bless, and stay safe,

Maureen in Illinois