Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stormwatchers' Farewell

Maybe the Houston Chronicle experiment in citizens' journalism hasn't generated the same level of excitement as watching Colin Clive scream, "It's alive! It's alive!" in the original Frankenstein movie.

Nonetheless, it has been a pleasure to participate in the Stormwatchers blog for this past intense week. Thank you, Dwight Silverman, for the opportunity. The respondents who e-mailed us were supportive, concerned, even funny (except for the guy who didn't really, really like seeing the cookie recipes).

To the other Stormwatchers, what a great crew. Thanks to you as well. Now the sun is hot and bright, I've finished cleaning up the yard, and I hope we NEVER have the same kind of occasion to do this particular thing again. But weren't the results terrific?

This is Spring Branch, signing off from Stormwatchers - but not from blogging. You regulars know exactly where to find me.

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maryjom said...

Isn't it great that Rita was a non-event for Houston? But not so for our Texas and Louisiana friends further east. Many of them are going to need as much help as the Katrina survivors. Let's not forget them in our thoughts, prayers - and donations.