Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Help

This came to me through the After Hours Network – some of you have already seen it. But my thanks to Cynthia Cannizzaro and Jon King for letting me post it here. Mistakes are mine, not theirs - send corrections as needed.

I had a request from an oil company to find places w/ short- term leases for office spaces and homes for people who will live here in Houston for the next few months until they can return to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

It occurred to me that others may need this service so I have lined up office space, apartments, and houses that are willing to work with us, as well as rental furniture. If you know of anyone with this need or a company please have them call me. This is one way I can help! Please forward this e-mail to others so we can get these people and companies somewhat settled.

What I have noticed about my family is there is much stress in not having a place to "hang their hat" and feel somewhat settled. Thanks, Cynthia (713-446-7330).

Many people in our business are coming forward with offers of help. Many churches and charities need your assistance, so they can help others from areas devastated by the hurricane. Share your money and your time – your hands may be as critical as your dollars. To volunteer time or relief supplies, click

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