Friday, November 04, 2005

Eino's Reprise

This from Susan Kirkland, responding to posts from yesterday and today.

“Eino probably knew Fish Friday was a political arrangement the Pope made with local fisherman when they suffered as a result of a red tide one year. People stopped eating fish for a while and the Pope decreed Fish Friday to boost the local economy and save their only industry.

“I'll be sending my oysters to you via snail mail so you'll know they're coming well in advance…snicker snicker.”

Given where Susan lives, I wonder if they’ll be mountain oysters.

On the other hand, there’s some additional background about fish on Fridays – from nearby Wisconsin. Back in the Year 3, Tanya Gillitzer worked on Folklore 530 Project for Prof. Ruth Olson. You can see the results of their field research here. Since Barbara and I have recently spent a Friday night on Lake Pepin in Minnesota, I’m sorry that we didn’t venture over to the Wisconsin side to see if Fish Fry Fridays were still going on. We didn’t even meet anyone named Eino.

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