Thursday, November 17, 2005

We're Winners!

Last night, at the Business Marketing Association (BMA) Lantern Gala, 200+ people saw the Landmark Image Campaign win Best of Show [Space Advertising/Campaign, Full-Page or Larger, 4-color, Budget over $100K].

BMA's Lantern show, taking place this year at the downtown Hilton Intercontinental Hotel, is the premier competitive event in Texas business-to-business marketing. It covers the best in over 40 categories of b2b marcom.

This series of ads was created by Landmark’s own Sam Camero and Richard Laurence Baron (that would be moi). We conceptualized the campaign, Sam did the design and production, and I wrote the headlines and copy. It was a great experience creating the ads, for an outstanding client. Communicating business benefits dramatically is the key – awards are icing on the gateau.
The series’ lead “Made to Measure” ad – shown above – also won an Award of Excellence [Space Advertising/Single Ad, Two-Page Spread or Larger] last evening.

Congratulations and best wishes to Sam for his great work. Kudos also to Donna Collum, Kipp Miller, and others of the Halliburton communications team, who took home their own share of Lanterns last night. Couldn’t ask for a nicer group of colleagues.

Made my morning. Thank you.


Robert Ware said...

Congrats Richard. Nice still to be winning awards - keep up the good work! Best. Robert W

Susan Kirkland said...

Excellent. Keep your iron in the fire or your point will dull.
It's lovely to see layout that works to support direction and
message--a fading art.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dad, of course you won, your brilliant and awesome in every way!!!!

your dot

Josephine March said...

Excellent. Congratulations!