Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Familial Goose

Wanted to post this feedback from Lynn Slavik, Minnesota-based sister-in-law (who's married to Greg, who is Barbara's...oh never mind - she's family).

“Wonderful photo of Barb... I, too, noticed the fridge decor even before you brought it to our attention. Well, Greg lost (won?) the coin toss, and he picked up Rose Mary after work and got her to Tom and Peg's last night. I think her flight leaves here around 10:45, so soon she will be all yours! I worked late and didn't have a chance for a visit with Tom and Peg, which has become somewhat of a tradition as well.

“We had her and the Musils over for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. Greg introduced the clan to the game of Dominos. It took Rose Mary a bit to catch on, but the cribbage board never came out, so that must mean something. I learned it when I visited my aunt and uncle who winter in Florida. It's all the rage with the senior crowd, I guess. She'll need a cribbage fix, so I hope you'll have the board all set up upon her arrival.

“My mom and dad are hosting Thanksgiving in their apartment this year. We will be close, but then, we always have been. We're having our traditional goose, dumplings and sauerkraut. (Turkey breast for those who have not fully embraced the Hrabe tradition.) I'm sure you're looking forward to the holiday as much as we are. Enjoy your time with the family. We'll be thinking of you.

“Greetings to all... Love, Lynn and Greg.”

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