Sunday, November 20, 2005

“Tanti Auguri”

Today is the birthday of Rosario Laudicina. We could not travel to Catalafimi, in Sicily, home of his forebears, so 30 or 40 of his close friends congregated at a party last evening in the Heights, hosted by Kelly Melone. She organized. She arranged. She cooked. She threw a wonderful bash – and it was a terrific surprise for Rosario.
There was hardly a bottle of Vino di Sicilia left unconsumed (and no one sprung an extra leg as a result). Hardly a bite of food left on the table: antipasti, pork loin, pasta, side dishes by the dozen.

A giant Italian cream cake was served up in slabs. The official ceremony was marked by our entire group singing “Tanti Auguri A Te”…quite an accomplishment given that precisely two people could actually sing Italian. The rest of us got it quickly enough. Bravo!

Now it’s a funny thing: “Tanti Auguri” is the Italian version of “Happy Birthday.” It literally means “many auguries.” Auguries for a continuing life filled with fulfillment and happiness. (We did not dissect the entrails of the cream cake to read the auguries – we properly presume that the foretellings would be, for Rosario, positive.)

I have known Rosario for 20 years. I look forward to celebrating many more for him and for us all. Tanti Auguri, Signor Laudicina.

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