Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Short Endorsement

It is way too easy to complain these days – perhaps it always has been. Moses was reported to have been extremely upset with the contractors for delays in building his ark: I’ll post that story someday.

Since Signalwriter has just acquired a second computer, the “executive offices” have known the joys and the frustrations of dual access.

And as several of you know, I have been having connection problems, with intermittent access to the Internet this past week, starting just before Thanksgiving. (“Intermittent” is Texas slang for “the dang thing don’t work right!”) After trying a number of fixes, the problem has been narrowed down to the connection between the Time-Warner cable and the outside wall of our premises.

I have heard from friends and colleague innumerable times about difficulties with the cable company (ies) and the Internet service providers. I’d simply like to balance those remarks with the ongoing friendliness and helpfulness I have experienced with the EarthLink technical support people – with whom I’ve been on the telephone three or four times in the last few days.

While the experience is angryfying, and the problem is not yet fixed, my conversations with EarthLink have been pleasant and encouraging. “A soft word turneth away wrath,” so ‘tis said. Until something truly aggravating happens, I’d like to thank the TSOs at EarthLink for their telephone demeanor.

Something else to be thankful for, I guess.

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