Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Home, Susan

Think a particularly bubbly champagne and wish Susan Ellis a happy homecoming. She’s returned to Houston from Dallas, is now working here – and thrilled to be back. She had spent the past year or so working out of the Dallas office of a multi-city agency; loved the people. But she really, really wanted to get back home. Now she is.

It’s the answer to that nagging question, “Where’s Susan these days?”

There are big differences between Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston…lots of pros and cons. We can debate this later. For right now, I am happy she’s back. Her homecoming will put a little action back in the Houston TV arena, ‘cause she’s so good at creating TV spots. And she is absolutely energizing to be around.

Wilkommen. Bienvenue. Glad you’re here.

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Mary Jo Martin said...


Welcome back, Susan. I see a lunch in our future.